What is this?

YayDating is the best way to get noticed on OkCupid, and make OkCupid work faster for you. Our awesome MegaPhone feature will significantly boost your existing OkCupid visibility, bringing you ALOT more messages and dates.

How does it work?

Simply sign in with your existing OkC username and password. From there, our system uses the magical powers of the almighty Megaphone to bring your profile more views. Something here about sophisticate machine learning algorithms.

OK great! How do I get started?

1 → Create and account w/ your OkCupid username and password. After verification, sign in here: %%link goes here%%

2 → Buy credits. Each blast of the MegaPhone costs a few bucks. You can buy them one at a time, or you can buy them in bulk.

3 → Fire up the MegaPhone and get lucky!